Nordplus projekts "Arttherapy"

Arttherapy - a unique resource for personal development.

Project number NPHZ-2013/10070

Project description, news and galleries are avalable on project web page:

Aim of the project is to strengthen adults' key competencies and recognition of adults' informal and non-formal learning through information, motivation, and inspiration to use art therapy in the partner institutions, to share knowledge and experience between partner institutions, applying that knowledge in practice and writing recommendations.

Expected results:
1. The art therapy horizontal functioning network is formulated.
2. Knowledge and experience between partner institutions are shared.
3. Summary of experiences with the use of art therapy within the network and recommendations for applying art therapy in learning and schooling.
4. "Road Map" (or Plan) for future art therapy cooperation is presented.

Project term:  August 1st, 2013 – December 31st, 2014

Coordinating institution:
Alytus youth centre (LT)
Dovile Puzaite

Project partners:

Innovation Education Center Ideja (LV)

University of Lapland (FI)

Albertslund youth school (DK)

School of Tallinn number 53 (EE)